The Voice of Business

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Over 200 Years of Experience

The Chamber has been instrumental in the passing of legislation and regulations in the fields of labour relations, banking, income tax utilities regulation, foreign exchange liberalization, import/export and company law (PAYE, Electronic Transactions Act). Being an advocate for equal job opportunities for the physically disabled was also a major priority of the Chamber.

Business Advocate

JCC’s primary function is to ensure the most favourable environment for the effective and profitable operation of businesses. Considerable emphasis is placed on projects which will enhance the development of the wider community. This function is subdivided into services offered by the Chamber and specific activities that it carries out, in its role as economic advisor and business advocate.

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The Chamber’s Objectives

– To help businesses to prosper and grow.
– To encourage orderly expansion and the development of all segments of the society.
– To contribute to the overall economic stability of the society.
– To advocate and promote the free market system.
– To actively attract investments.
– To increase job opportunities.

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