The Chamber

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization comprised of businesses and professionals working together to build and promote a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in our country.

Our Vision

Enhancing the Competitiveness and Profitability of our Membership.


To facilitate the profitable growth of our businesses through leadership, advocacy and the provision of support services.

Our Focus

Micro issues at the firm level as a means of generating economic stability and the creation of wealth via competitive firms with tough visionary leaders embracing the concepts of free and fair trade.

Our Objectives

  • To help businesses to prosper and grow.
  • To encourage orderly expansion and the development of all segments of the society.
  • To contribute to the overall economic stability of the society.
  • To advocate and promote the free market system.
  • To actively attract investments.
  • To increase job opportunities.

The primary function, however, is to ensure the most favorable environment for the effective and profitable operation of businesses. Considerable emphasis is placed on projects which will enhance the development of the wider community. The primary function is subdivided into services offered by the Chamber and specific activities that it carries out, in its role as economic advisor and business advocate.

These include: advising members on trade regulations and a variety of other trade matters; lobbying government on matters affecting trade and industry; facilitating linkages between our members and local and overseas sources and outlets for goods and services; facilitating ingoing & outgoing trade missions thus providing members the opportunities of meeting with trade missions to Jamaica and participating in Jamaican trade missions to overseas markets, thus keeping abreast with changing business trends for new and traditional products; advising members of proposed changes in government policies and changes as they affect commerce; acting as arbitrator in commercial disputes; maintaining links with International Chambers of Commerce to ensure members direct access to specific information on products, markets and companies internationally; providing counselling/assistance to members with specific problems, and the provision of “Membership Mixers” and “Power Breakfasts” to allow the networking of members.


The membership of the Chamber is comprised of large, medium-sized and small firms – and individuals – in virtually all productive sectors. Member firms are engaged in retailing, manufacturing, finance, law, distribution, food services, and a range of other interest areas.

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Member’s Involvement

Members become involved in the Chamber’s activities by being Directors or by sitting on Committees. The Chamber’s Committees are grouped into clusters, each of which is under the guidance of members of the Executive Committee. An example of the clusters and the subsidiary committees includes:

  1. Community Issues – Committees focus on such areas as Civic Affairs, Urban Renewal, and Parish Development. In the main, these committees are concerned with improving the social environment of Jamaican communities by implementing projects, targeting civic and social development as well as urban management.

  3. Micro (Firm) Issues – The aim of the committees in this cluster is to assist our members to become more globally competitive via the development of internal capabilities such as marketing competitiveness, strategic mindset, and other leadership issues. This is offered through the provision of workshops and conferences to inform/educate members of changes in business trends and other factors. Also in this cluster are committees responsible for liaison with government regulatory entities

  5. Macro Issues – These committees have responsibility for monitoring and participating in trade strategy, taxation policy, legal policy – among others.

  7. Communications – Committees in this cluster have responsibility for public relations, development of the Chamber’s website, and maintaining contact with members.

  9. Finance, Administration & Membership – The aim of these committees is to ensure the smooth operations of the Chamber through the development of an effective secretariat, as well as to provide support to the staging of the Chamber’s several special events. The committees also have responsibility for designing and implementing specific programmes for the membership in individual sectors based on feedback received.

  11. Chamber Projects – Committees in this cluster are responsible for various Chamber projects such as the JCC’s Conference Board, the Trade Briefing Room, and ‘Legs & Regs’ projects.