Trade Facilitation

To support the JCC’s mission to be the drivers of growth and prosperity in Jamaica, as well as its vision of facilitating the members’ integration into the global economy


Championing/supporting the international competitiveness of sub-committees focused on specific Industries seen as pivtoal to the rebound of the Jamaican economy

Project Development

Leading the JCC’s efforts to encourage the diversification of the Jamaican economy into targeted non-traditional industries with demonstrable growth; driving the JCC’s efforts to encourage the divestment of government entities.

Membership Services

Directing all activities designed to attract and retain members, to ensure diversification of membership (e.g. greater engagement with women-owned businesses, family-owned businesses, MSMEs etc.) icluding the development of innovative products and services; increase their interaction with the JCC and their participation in JCC activities, engagement with potential sponsors and donors etc.

Finance & Administration

To develop and institute a sustainable business model for the JCC that will enable it to deliver on its Mission and Vision